Banner Stands

Benefits of Using Banner Stands

When it comes to promoting your business, you need a readily visible and handy sign that enable your business to grow into a profitable company. Banner stands provide you with an extra touch in ensuring that your business continually makes a profit. Besides, they can be used at conferences, trade shows, fairs, exhibits, and other events for exhibition as they give customers a brief insight into a business’s service or product. Here we look at the 10 major benefits of using banner stands:


  1. They are Relatively Affordable

When it comes to exhibition and marketing, banner stands are one of the most affordable methods of promoting businesses. It is also important to understand that even a quality banner stand is less expensive as compared to most exhibits. However, the cost can go up if you decide to include optional accessories like merchandising capabilities and lighting systems. This does not change the fact that they are among the most cost-effective exhibits available today.


  1. They Make a Huge Impact with a Small Footprint

Banner stands offer great results without taking up much space or expenses. Besides, they can capture someone’s attention easily as they stretch into the air. This makes them ideal for small job fairs, trade shows or company’s lobby.


  1. They are Customizable

The other key benefit of using banner stands is that they are entirely customizable. Consequently, you can choose linear or curved design as well as make several other choices. It is possible for a company to opt for exhibits with unique graphic panels or single or double-sided designs. Besides, other companies can decide to have unique graphic panels printed instead of buying a whole unit.


  1. They are Portable

Banner stands are relatively portable as compared to large trade show displays or other exhibits. In fact, most of the banner stands fit into small carrying cases that can be easily carried around.


  1. They are Easy to Set Up

Apart from being highly portable, these exhibits are extremely easy to setup. Banner stands are specially designed to allow you to quickly put them up without using any unique skills or tools. Therefore, with banner stands you do not need to worry about installation charges, which mean they can save your business some money.


  1. Offers Impressive Versatility

Banner stands are incredibly versatile as they are lightweight and usually pack up small. Therefore, you can virtually take them anywhere you decide to go, whether to conferences, business or other events. Such versatility allows your company to maximize the reach of this exhibit.


  1. Features Graphics with Impact

Apart from being versatile, banner stands provide graphics that create a huge impact, which makes them highly effective. Besides, they can also display engaging and large custom graphics, spread across multiple stands, set up side by side or on one single stand.


  1. Comes in Huge Variety of Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

Banners stands are available in different sizes. This ranges from massive stands to small desktop styles that make it easy to achieve the desired impact. Moreover, banner stands offer instant eye-catching implications and is also easy to set up.


  1. Gets Noticed Easily

With the great graphics and other visual features, banner stands are very noticeable. Therefore, using them for business is more productive than other display methods as its clear and vibrant nature enables it to grab the eye instantly especially with a good graphic designer. This makes banner stands ideal for an exhibition or trade show. Besides, the exhibits ensure that business information and your recognizable logo hang stylishly above the competition to attract more customers.


  1. Ability to Accessorize

Banner stands are compatible with exhibit accessories, which is another significant benefit of using them. Exhibit accessories help enhance both the function and appearance of banner stands. Consequently, you can add features like a multifunctional case or table workstation and literature holders.


Types of Banner Stands

There are a wide variety of banner stands but we’ll go through three different types of banner stands. Here we look at 3 main types of banners namely: Retractable Banner Stands, Step and Repeat Backdrop Banners and X-Frame Banner Stands.


  1. Retractable Banner Stands

These banner stands works just like windows. Therefore, you can retract them into the case when it’s not in use and pull it over a pole to use it, hence the name roll up banner stands. However, it is essential to understand that retractable stands are relatively more expensive as compared to the other banner stands.

Most marketers prefer these retractable banners due to their compact nature and because they are simple to set up. Therefore, they are mainly used in retail outlets, trade shows, education institutions, seminars, restaurants as well as people’s homes.


  1. X Banner Stands

X banner stands also known as X-Frame or Spider Stands are easy to assemble, as they do not require any special skills or tools. Moreover, the banner stands offer a sturdy frame to exhibit vinyl banners at a trade show. The stands are made of hardware that allows them to extend and lock into a place just like a tripod. This offers a relatively affordable display method for trade shows, and it is also highly portable because of its compact design.


  1. Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner

This is a publicity backdrop that is used for photography event, and it is usually printed with a repeating style. In this case, emblems and brand logos appear in photographs of the individuals before the banner. Step and repeat banners are mainly used in galas, weddings, or red carpet events to offer a celebrity-like feel or for fashion but can make a big photo opportunity at any exhibit booth.



Overall, banner stands provide a beneficial way of drawing people to your brand. The banners are also able to go to places that other larger trade show displays cannot make due to their portability and compact sizes. However, finding the best banner stands at a relatively affordable price is not an easy task as there are several players in the industry.


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