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Marketing a product is just as important as crafting it -- a product will always be useless unless someone actually uses it. In today’s world, marketing has never been so easy thanks to today’s technological advancements. With a huge array of proven and unproven marketing strategies available to be used, a new entrepreneur may find it hard to pick a strategy that will best promote his/her product. If you are a person who needs to efficiently reach a large number people for marketing, fret not. I will be showcasing a marketing device that mixes traditional methods with contemporary ones -- the X Banner Stand.

What are X Banner stands?

X Banner stands also known as Spider Stands are similar to other banner stands like the retractable banner stands and spring back ones. They have the same use -- to advertise and market your product. This often goes unsaid, but customers are drawn the most using the sense of sight. Combining X Banner stands with beautifully printed large vinyl banners will make a very attracting statement for your product.  With the right positioning, quality of banner print, and quality of information in the banner itself, the X Banner stand is a very promising tool for your marketing needs.

What are the benefits of using the X Banner stand?

Probably the key difference that differentiates X Banner stands from the rest though, is its lightweight body and flexibility. Other types of banner stands are heavier than this version; pop-up banner stands carry more weight due to its retraction mechanism, and are usually very hard to shift banners with. On the other hand, X Banner stands have light, thin, and retractable legs that one can easily fold for transport. Its flexible legs are also promising in durability - someone accidentally stepping on one of the X Banner stand’s legs will only flex the stand itself.

Economically speaking, X Banner stands are also great. Since X Banner stands are pretty much straightforward to use and setup, their prices usually start at $60. This makes the X Banner stand effective for short term and pop-up promotions like roadshows, wherein roll-up banner stands, which are more expensive, shine better for long-term promotions. If you’re up for a short-term promotion  and in need of a convenient and durable banner stand, then I can attest to this product’s capabilities.

How is the X Banner stand set up?

Assembly and preparation of the X Banner stand is pretty much straightforward and foolproof, but I’ll still be listing the specific steps just to ensure you’ve set it up the right way.

Before we get started, there are a few things that should be considered. One is that there are 4 or more legs/rods in the frame that you are setting up. Two is that the banner that you will attach to the stand has grommets and has a size that fits the stand perfectly.

How to set up the X Banner stand

  1. Secure the base by pushing down the top of the base.
  2. Attach the two rods on top of the base (if still unattached)
  3. Attach the grommets of the banner to the rods of the banner stand.
  4. Secure the banner grommets.

With the above information, I hope I have given you valuable insight regarding X Banner stands. These tools are very efficient and can deliver quality in the right circumstances and uses, and I can certainly stand up for its capabilities X Banner stands are also great viable and cost-efficient alternatives for more expensive marketing strategies, in terms of short term and pop-up promotions. If you want to buy this stand right now, you’re in luck! We feature a fast next day turnaround time. If that’s not enough, we’re also including a free travelling bag with your order!