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Why Use Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stand, also known as roll-up banners, pop-up banner stands or roll up banners can have an enormous impact on your marketing if you use it correctly. These banners are a great instrument for attracting clients and play an important role in giving some insight into a service that your company offers. From product promotions to making an impact on customers in your department store, retractable banner stands are an exceptional marketing tool if you want to appeal to the masses. Besides that, they are extremely affordable compared to other marketing channels, such as TV or radio advertisements.

If you are a busy person who regularly travels to promote your company services at conferences or exhibitions, you will certainly appreciate the benefits of using retractable banner stands. Roll up banner stands can be equally effective at minor events as well as mega exhibitions. This is because they are specifically designed to attract your target audience and if you know how to get the message across, you will soon reap the benefits of what you sow. If you're still not convinced, we did some research to prove why retractable banner stands could be a great choice for your advertisement.


Pop-up banner stands are one of the easiest and most affordable promotional tools available. Their contribution is unparalleled for such a small investment. The only thing that you should keep an eye on is acquiring a stand space at a conference or trade show. It can be more expensive than the banner itself, but if your designers did a good job to make it stand out, the rewards will be great. Of course, the price depends on many factors, such as purpose, size, quantity, quality, etc. With that in mind, you will have to assess all the key elements of the exhibition and customer demands to come up with a unique eye-catching banner, which brings us to our next point.


If you want your banner stand to make an impact, be ready to hire expert designers who know the right way to approach the audience and how to „talk“ to them. With the right combination of words and colors, these stands will definitely draw the attention of potential clients. The images should be of a high quality and the phrasing has to address the clients' needs and make them want to learn more about your product or service. The banner stand needs to be tall and easily visible from the distance. The combination of small and large letters is crucial. You want the potential customer to approach your exhibit booth when they read the catchphrase to find out more details.


We already talked about the banner stands being the right way of promoting your company, but the ease of portability needs to be addressed as well. The small weight of retractable banner stands makes them portable and easy to set up. They usually come in carrying cases. These stands are a good choice for those who want to set up their trade show exhibit booth very fast. Coming to the transport, banner stands are compact and light which spares you from any inconvenience while shipping and transporting. Space is valuable and you wouldn't want your banner stands to take up too much. They also don't take much space when set up since they are narrow and high. This makes them an effective promotional material for when you don't have much room at the exhibition.


You might think that the stands are only good for one convention and after that, they promote your business in the garbage truck. Well, you're wrong. There are a lot of factors why many business owners decide using retractable banner stands. The versatility of these corporate signs cannot be ignored. After the trade show or exhibition is finished, you'll be able to use these stands in many ways, provided the message does not have a date or time on it. Either you opt for indoor marketing within your department or outdoor advertisements in strategic locations, your banner stands will be presented in some fashion every day.


Most of the retractable banner stands are made of durable aluminum. There are also eco-friendly solutions such as bamboo and pine. They can be a solid long-term investment for your company and can be reused many times. As they are extremely sturdy, they can be used outdoors over and over again. The vinyl used to print on is long-lasting and durable. The strong and robust base provides a proper support to the stand. The frames are usually made of aluminum, being both lightweight for transportation and durable on display. The base can be modeled in various ways to complement the graphic part of the stand.


A banner stand has another unique attribute that other types of advertisement material don't – longevity. While TV, radio, or newspaper ads tend to have a short lifespan, banner stands don't suffer from that problem. You just need to make sure that the message is lasting and not restricted by time and place. It is often a good decision to invest in a generic banner stand to promote your company or business. This type of stand can be reused and that's how it pays for itself.


In modern times, manufacturers have found new ways to make sure that banner stands fit the particular needs of their clients. Every organization needs a flexible, long-lasting solution which is useful for not only one, but multiple trade shows. That's because they want to consolidate the overall marketing expenses and require a correct method that will serve their objectives in different ways. With a good retractable banner stand, you can get the maximum out of your exhibition. You get to focus on many different ways to effectively present your products and services to potential customers. To wrap it up, if you're looking for a way of promotion that is simple, easy to set up, portable, affordable, and able to meet your objectives and draw customers, these banner stands are the way to go.