Trade Show Staffing Challenges And Solutions

Trade shows can be exhausting for your sales team. Often shows run from 7 in the morning until 10 or later in the evening. If you send just a single person, or two people to run the show, it is simply not enough. Your team members need regular breaks and additional individuals to help with managing crowds, signing up potential customers for one-on-one appointments with sales team members, and other tasks. Fortunately, there are staffing agencies that provide highly skilled and trained individuals for trade show jobs, just like this. There are wide varieties of types of individuals that can be hired for trade show events from spokes models, mystery shoppers, sales professionals, setup and tear down experts, and more.


Spokes Models And Promotional Models


Spokes models can be an excellent way to draw people to your booth. These individuals are professional and energetic spokespersons for your business that can enliven even the dreariest of trade shows. They are adept at speaking to a wide array of individuals and can work to draw individuals into your booth. Unlike a promotional model, spokes models have the ability to speak on behalf of your business. Promotional models on the other hand typically are not as highly trained or skilled at representing your company, but can be effective for drawing in customers.


Survey Takers

Most companies and organizations that host trade shows will allow businesses to take surveys on the floor of the event; it is important to ask if it is permitted in your event. One of the things that can sweeten the deal for the event management company is to offer to have your survey takers work for them a couple of hours out of the day taking a survey that is relevant to them. Professional survey takers can be hired to float through large events, ask event attendees certain questions, and then point them in the direction of your booth. You can even have the survey takers give interested individuals they speak with a special ticket to receive one of the premium promotional items you have stashed away. Trade show success is all about building a buzz in the building and getting as many people to your booth as possible.


Booth Setup And Tear Down Professionals

If you have a professional booth that has been designed, your staff many need assistance in setting up and tearing down your trade show booth. These highly trained and flexible individuals can meet your booth at the facility and set it up so that your sales team and event staff can focus on building relationships and getting the sales that you desire. Setup and tear down are two of the most time consuming, and often frustrating aspects of trade shows. The last thing you want is a staff that is already frustrated and exhausted from setup so they are not energized and ready to effectively work the trade show.


Event Sales Professionals

There are individuals that specialize in event sales. These individuals can be quickly trained as to your brand message, your products, and your services. These professionals will look, act, and represent your business in a professional manner and are the perfect addition to your event management team. You can use them as extras with your on staff team members, or in cases of emergency or due to travel restrictions, can even replace your internal team members. These professionals make their living by representing a wide range of companies with an outstanding attitude and the necessary sales skills to further your agenda at a trade show.


Desirable Characteristics of Trade Show Professionals

Trade show staff must be friendly, professional, and well-trained. They must physically represent your business and be able to intelligently engage potential customers and visitors to your booth. Characteristics to look for when choosing your event management professionals include the following:

Professional Appearance



Ability To Memorize Sales Script

Ability To Effortlessly Speak With Authority To Variety Of Individuals

Ability To Follow Directions

Trade show Etiquette

As important as training on your company, products and services is to the overall success of a trade show, it is essential that all members of the team be aware of acceptable behavior, and unacceptable behavior. It is important that everyone that represents you be on the same page. Here are a few guidelines to include in training your team members on trade show etiquette:

Proper Attire

Proper Grooming

Hours Expected

No Food Or Drink At The Booth

No Phone Calls At The Booth

No Sitting Down At The Booth


No Personal Conversations Between Colleagues

Trade shows are a great way to build your company’s brand awareness, to launch a new product or service, or as part of your overall sales strategy. However, trade shows must be considered major events, and often times require a hefty budget that includes the booth, promotional items, travel for staff, extra staffing, and sales materials. A successful trade show requires a harmonious mixture of all of these things. Your image at a trade show is paramount and is represented through your booth, the promotional and sales materials given away, and the people that represent you.


Professionals can be hired to assist your team, or in place of your team for trade shows and other events.   Spokes models, promotional models, sales professionals, survey takers, setup and tear down experts, and others can be hired to assist you in your trade show strategy. Whether you outsource your event staffing and trade show jobs, or whether you keep them in house, training on the products and services, is essential. Make sure that all individuals understand the goals of the trade show, whether it be determined by the number of leads gathered, direct sales, or another metric. Provide them with a professional booth, promotional items that excite attendees and professional looking clothing so that they are easily identified. Some organizations will choose to provide sales scripts for their team members of either 30 seconds or 60 seconds that they are required to memorize prior to the event. These are absolutely necessary if you choose to outsource your trade show staffing.