Trade Show Shipping Packages

When planning to participate in an upcoming trade show, there is an extensive list of things that need to be purchased in order to fully be prepared for these events. Most businesses may feel as if they really do not need to order anything specifically for these events and it is always a little too late when they have finally realized that they were wrong. One of the biggest investments that could possibly be made when it comes to equipment needs is that of trade show shipping cases. You need to be able to transport your materials quickly and safely to and from the location and these cases are specifically designed to allow you to do just that. What types of cases are available?


Display & Freight Cases

Your overall presentation may consist of elaborate displays, boards, visuals and other equipment that will allow you to have a high-quality reflection of your business to show at these monumental events. That is why investing in display cases is a smart move, because these trade show shipping cases allow you to be able to transport all of the different materials and equipment that you made need safely within them. If you have a lot of heavy-duty items and equipment that you will need to take with you, then you may benefit more from investing in heavy duty freight cases instead.

Traveling Bags & Banner Tubes

The graphic displays and banners that you may have had designed specifically for events like these did not come cheap and are more than likely made of some very delicate materials. If you just throw them in the trunk of your car or even carry them in your hands too long, the odds of them being ripped, damaged and even destroyed are fairly high. Therefore, for a safe and efficient method of transportation, investing in graphic cases and banner tubes along with your other trade show shipping cases can truly prove to come in handy. The banner tubes are made from cardboard and can prevent any wrinkling as well.

Many trade show banner stands come with traveling cases whether it be a nylon traveling bag with a simple shoulder strap or you can also purchase plastic cases to provide better protection. The nylon traveling bags offered by many companies will not provide ample padding and cushioning. I suggest using a plastic hard case since they are an actual hard case with a good amount of padding. Most of time you can find these online, however I have had good luck with regular nylon traveling bags and only once or twice out of 20 shows experienced a damage unit. Most important thing is, always test your banner stand before you bring it to the show. Make sure it is working and you know how to set it up.


Shipping to the Show


Depending on the show you attend many shows have a third party company such as The Freeman Company that handle all of the incoming packages to the trade show. They usually have a strict guideline as to when they will accept packages. You need to keep this in mind especially if you do not want to lug any of the banner stands and other trade show marketing material with you. Specific instructions and a special label is given by the trade show facilitators that need to be on each box that comes in usually identifying your company name and booth number. Both of these things are very important to keep in mind to have a successful smooth running trade show event.

The Key Cases

When preparing for your trade show presentations, the list of tasks that need to be accomplished and equipment that needs to be purchased can become extremely overwhelming. However, there are several different types of trade show shipping cases that can help make the process so much easier for you. Make a short list to at least consider investing in:

Display and/or freight cases (based on your specific needs)

Graphic cases

Banner tubes

These trade show shipping cases will enhance the efficiency of your overall planning and preparation, relieving the burden that trade show presentations can place on the shoulders of a business and allowing you to enjoy the many networking opportunities that are presented right in front of you while you are there.