Conference Giveaway Ideas - Trade Show Swag

So, you have a big trade show event or conference just around the corner. Have you ordered the promotional items that your event team will hand out? Are you searching for a creative giveaway that will grab the attention of conference and event attendees while not breaking your budget? Walking through a trade show, you will undoubtedly find a myriad of tired promotional items being given away by exhibitors. Everyone has more than enough pens, highlighters, travel mugs, stress balls and beverage cozies. Today, conference attendees are more savvy, and chances are that if you stick with the tried and true promotional items, you won’t get near the results from the event that you desire.


First, Think Outside The Box


In your next meeting, ask your staff the one thing that they would want to receive from an exhibitor at an event. Brainstorm with the group and see what is missing, and what they would actually desire to stop and pickup. Could it be something as simple as a deck of cards? Hand sanitizer? Breath mints? Or would they like to see something more creative, perhaps something that is a fun play on words with your products, services or brand as great conference giveaway ideas.


Consider Your Conference Attendees


If you are serving the B2B world, consider what the road warrior (and road weary) attendees would like. Flying about the country today takes more time and more energy than ever before. With the TSA restrictions on hygiene and personal products, would the attendees appreciate small bottles of lotion or lip balm? If you are serving the B2C consider what your potential customers will keep once they get home – a bottle opener, a letter opener, a tea towel? You are looking for conference giveaway ideas that have lasting power. Warning — many businesses once handed out magnets; but today, the stainless steel refrigerators are not magnet friendly; do not give your potential client a $0.25 magnet that will ruin the surface of their $2,000 refrigerator.


Budget-Friendly Conference Giveaway Ideas


There is a vast array of budget-friendly promotional items to choose from. When searching for a promotional product that is less than $1.50 each, consider individually packaged mints or gum, golf tees, USB drives, laser pointers, and other fun items that you don’t typically see at events. Be creative; if your business is in the financial sector, consider giving away small calculators. If your business is in the hospitality sector, consider room fresheners. Think of something that in some way relates to your brand, or to your product.


High-End Conference Giveaway Ideas


If you have a budget that allows higher-end promotional products, something over $7.50 each, you can get truly creative and make an impact with conference attendees. Portable speakers for MP3 players, universal chargers for electronics, branded bottles of wine and a wine opener, an embroidered baseball hat or jacket, are all items that will make potential customers remember you long after the event is over. Today, you need to stand above the crowd and your competition by selecting high-quality and unique promotional items for all of your events.